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Dress Up for Dalry Shop Front Graphics

6274 worked with the Economic Development Department of North Ayrshire Council and local traders association Business Dalry to brighten up the windows and doors of a derelict local pub on a main junction of Dalry, Scotland.

Club Bar, Dalry Before the Dress Up for Dalry Project


Our task was to plan, photography, design, print and install fantastic new graphics to the disused shop front that would get the community involved and also provide a memorable impact for passers by.

Rather than providing our own graphic images that would make the former bar come alive we decided to make the project relevant to Dalry by having a photo shoot in an existing local pub and get the local people involved.

1960s and turn of the Century Window and Door Graphics


We planned each window to represent the town and the pub throughout the ages from the turn of the century, 1920s, WW2, 1960s, 1978 World cup to the present day. We also produced a new “Shop Local and Prosper” shop sign and produced a panel with all the businesses within the Business Dalry traders association.

The idea was to get local people to dress up in costumes that represented each era covered in our brief.

To help things along we provided our own costumes from specialists Haslemere Wardrobes as well as props and posters from various locations including the fantastic charity shop Cosgrove, to help make each photograph authentic to each era.  We then used our own photographer and design team to co-ordinate the night and even got involved in the photo shoot.

1978 World, Bertie Wooster (Ugly Guy With the Golf Clubs) and present day


We then went round each business in the town with posters to promote the photo shoot evening as well as sending out press releases to local papers and websites.

The photo shoot night at the Turf Inn, Dalry was a success and produced the fantastic photographs that we’re graphically enhanced for each window and door graphic.

1960s Photo Shoot at the Turf Inn

The Turf Inn Site for the Dress Up for Dalry Photo shoot


Once the final graphic displays were signed off we used our trusted suppliers and installation team to print photographic vinyl directly onto lightweight Corex board for the window and door panels and used Aluminum substrate dibond graphics for the main pub sign.

These were installed on Monday 2nd April and have already been a great talking point for local people and passers by.

1960s, 1900s, and World War 2 Images


Have a look next time you’re passing through Dalry.

The team at 6274 Public Art would be delighted to hear your comments on the project.

A massive thank you to everyone involved.

A special mention to Helen and Donald Harkness from the Turf Inn for all their effort.

All Dress Up For Dalry Images Below.

Please do get in touch on 0844 257 6274.

Dumbarton Lomography Underpass Project

6274 Public Art were commissioned by West Dunbartonshire Council to carry out a community photography project to create fantastic final graphics for the the Strathleven Underpass Development.

Rather than simply using standard digital cameras to take photos of people and places within the local area we used a selection of Lomography Cameras to create a vibrant and creative effect. None of the kids involved had ever used anything other than a digital camera or their mobile phone to take photos, so having only 10 to 24 attempts to take the perfect photo was a challenge.

We worked with the Kids of the Tulluchan Trust to firstly teach them about photography and how to use the cameras and then spent a day taking photographs all across the vale of Leven.

The remit given from the council was to create an atmosphere of fun for the final underpass graphics that were produced.

Once the films were developed the fantastic images were reworked  into large format graphics to be approved by the councils planning department.

The final images of the Strathleven Underpass are shown below.

To find out more about the lomography technique used in this project please visit to spark your imagination.

Many thanks to everyone involved.

Greenock Street Scene Mural

Graphic Tiled Street Scene comes back to life in Greenock

6274 public art were commissioned by Riverside Inverclyde to bring a well known street mural back to the town of Greenock, Inverclyde.

The Mural was in place on the walls of the Westburn underpass for decades before it was taken down and replaced by a new public artwork in November 2010.

The painted tiles depicted a street scene of Greenock in the days before the construction of the town’s Oak Mall. Shops and businesses of the towns past including Westburn House, the Regal Cafe and Sheila Simpson Wool were all part of the artwork.

Below is how the underpass looked before the restoration tiling project took place.

Westburn Underpass

Graffiti on the WestBurn Underpass before


Site of the New Tiled Mural Before

Site of the New Tiled Mural Before


Oak Mall Site After

Final Greenock Street Scene Mural


Before the initial building work started on the Westburn site, 6274 Public Art took photographs of each section of the underpass mural. There was a large amount of graffiti and damage to the tiles over the years which had to be digitally touched up. The next stage was to hand illustrate the street scene as close as possible to the original as we could.

Once completed a few modern Greenock landmarks were added, including references to the Tall ships festival, Clydeport Cranes and the soon to be constructed Beacon Theatre.

When approved, the full 23m2 mural artwork was digitally transferred onto porcelain tiles using our technique which has been a great success in the past. The tiles were fired at 800 degrees to seal the graphic transfers into the glaze before being laid out on the factory floor for inspection and numbering.

Once each tile was inspected they were numbered in a grid and key plans were passed over to our tilers M and M Ceramics of Dunoon for installation.

Billy McGuinness and his team expertly installed the 6 section of the mural over a period of  10 days and had to endure the lovely Scottish winter to complete the job.

The kind comments we have received from passers by and locals who remembered the locations depicted within the mural have been greatly appreciated.

I remember the original tiles going up and was saddened to see them go, but they are back in a better place which was an otherwise fairly dull corner of the town centre. Local Passer by.

We would be delighted to hear any stories you may have about the shops and businesses that are part of the Oak Mall ceramic mural so please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to reply.

6274 Public Art would like to say an enormous thanks to everyone involved in making this project happen and would be delighted to work on any future ceramic restoration projects.

Please feel free to send your own into the address below or follow us on twitter @6274publicart

Tall Ships Festival Graphics

6274 worked closely with Riverside Inverclyde in the lead up to the 2011 Tall Ships festival in Greenock, Scotland.

We were commissioned to work with the paintings of the festivals official artist William Dobbie to create a fantastic new underpass graphic to coincide with the event from July 8th – 12. We worked with a selection of these paintings to design a full colour graphic running along one side of the Westburn underpass in Greenock.

Feel free to follow the link above to view the rest of William Dobbie’s work for this years festival

We worked with the fantastic team at Jetcut on the manufacturing and cutting of each aluminum panel before handing over to the team at Service Graphics for printing and installation.

Installation of the aluminum graphic panels took place just in time for the start of the 2011 Tall Ships Festival which saw hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals descend on the water front to see the ships before they leave for the next leg of their race.

The final installation has been well received by both Riverside Inverclyde as well as local people who pass through the underpass every day.

Photography of the underpass and the Tall Ships Festival can be viewed below.

A video of some of our other projects within Inverclyde can also be viewed above.

A massive thank you to everyone involved in the project.

We look forward to everyone’s feedback.

Cunningham House Lobby Graphics

6274 were approached by North Ayrshire Council to work with them to brighten up their Cunningham House Headquarters in Irvine.

We worked with fantastic images of North Ayrshire to design bright Foamex panels for their main reception area and entrance lobby and redesigned their information zone to make it more attractive and user friendly for visitors and staff.

The results of the installation have given rise to great feedback from the council both from staff and visitors to the building.


Coatbridge Underpass

Anti Graffiti Graphic Tile

The North Calder Heritage Trail is a linear route that travels from Summerlee Heritage Park, through Coatbridge, before winding ten miles into the surrounding countryside. It is important that the trail remain interesting and easy to navigate as it winds through Coatbridge, and so North Lanarkshire Council commissioned us to decorate the underpass through which the trail travels as it leaves the town centre.

6274 commenced research into the cultural history of the area, and sourced images from historical archives throughout North Lanarkshire. We were keen to design something in keeping with the industrial heritage of the landscape, which would be decorative, but also informative. We pitched a variety of ideas, and the favourite was a concept that referenced the two flows that were the lifeblood of Coatbridge throughout the 19th Century namely the molten iron of heavy industry, and the canals that took the end product to market. The council were delighted with the finished artwork.

The graphic tiles used in this process are perfect for outside use as they have many fantastic qualities that make them fit for this purpose including graffiti, fade and frost resistance.

Albion Street Mural

Albion Street Mural Project.

6274 were commissioned by Merchant City Properties to design a small tiled mural for their empty Albion Street, Glasgow site.

We worked with local museums to source images of the area from Glasgow’s past.

The Merchant City was once one of Glasgow’s main Fruit and Veg trading hubs and the images collected depict this perfectly.

Our graphic tile installations are designed to last the test of time and leave behind a legacy for future generations.

Please feel free to take a look back in time next time you walk down Albion Street and let us know your thoughts on one of Glasgow’s only tiled public art murals.

Glebe Tennis Courts

6274 individually illustrated four life size tennis banners for Irvinbay Regeneration Company as they promoted the new Glebe tennis courts in Saltcoats, Scotland.

The courts were officially opened on Sunday 17th October by Judy Murray, who also ran a coaching session for 50 local young people.

Each banner has a hidden tennis star located in the 5m x 2m graphic mesh and set a great back drop to the new courts that are free to the public.

Have a look at the images below to see if you can spot the tennis stars.

To find out more about this story follow the link below.

Ginger the Horse

6274 were approached by Riverside Inverclyde to promote their latest artistic acquisition for Greenock.

A large Andy Scott horse sculpture has been commissioned to be erected on the new Cathcart Street pedestrian precinct.

The remit was to come up with initial ideas of how to get the local community excited about the new sculpture.
Utilising the existing Heras fencing surrounding the gap site, we proposed to create a horse based theme which would run round the side of the site.

We then got local schools Lady Alice and All Saints Primary involved to produce their own design on our horse templates. We taught a few classes about animation and graphic design and then left the rest to their own creative minds.

The results speak for themselves.

We then scanned each image, and chose 20 of the most exciting drawings to work with.
Inverclyde Now Story

The images were then designed and printed onto full colour graphic panels to be attached to the area surrounding the site to create the illusion of running horses.

The children’s animations were also immortalised on our youtube channel.

Once installed the site had a visit from Lady Alice Primary, All Saints Primary, Riverside Inverclyde, Greenock Telegraph and Inverclyde Council.

Below is a selection of images from the Ginger the Horse project.

London Road Mural

6274 worked along side Lead Artist Peter McCaughey and his team at WAVE, Glasgow regeneration company Clyde Gateway and their partners Dawn Construction to produce a 100 metre long artwork as part of the new Eastgate office building project.

We engaged with pupils and teachers of Eastbank Academy in Shettleston  as well as local artists and writers to produce a fantastic mural on the site which is one of the key locations leading up to the Commonwealth Games.

We worked with our allotted budget and time scales to complete the work before the official opening by the Lord Provost and national press.

6274 engaged with the pupils of Eastbank Academy, Glasgow over a period of 3 months. We conducted seminars and workshops with local artists, writers and poets to show the pupils the intention of the artwork project.

We then photographed and scanned their work from their Higher portfolio and gathered everything together digitally to collate the final graphics.

6274 then worked with the material to pull together the final work. We created themes throughout and added relevant text and poems from the pupils work to add to the overall mural. Once completed we worked with our trusted suppliers to print, cut and install the graphic panels to the site over a period of two days.

The outcome of everyone’s efforts is a 100 metre long graphic, dibond mural installed on one of Glasgow’s busiest roads. The official opening ceremony took place at the start of February 2011 and was hosted by Glasgow’s Lord Provost and Clyde Gateway. The project has received media and press coverage as well as great feedback from the pupils involved. So far there has been no vandalism of the project, which is testament to the local area. Everyone’s work can be seen at the website we built for the project at as well as a few images below.

Section from the London Road Mural, a project involving Eastbank Academy, Clyde Gateway and Dawn Construction.