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Coatbridge Underpass
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Anti Graffiti Graphic Tile

The North Calder Heritage Trail is a linear route that travels from Summerlee
Heritage Park, through Coatbridge, before winding ten miles into the
surrounding countryside. It is important that the trail remain interesting
and easy to navigate as it winds through Coatbridge, and so North
Lanarkshire Council commissioned us to decorate the underpass through
which the trail travels as it leaves the town centre.

6274 commenced research into the cultural history of the area, and
sourced images from historical archives throughout North Lanarkshire. We
were keen to design something in keeping with the industrial heritage of
the landscape, which would be decorative, but also informative. We pitched
a variety of ideas, and the favourite was a concept that referenced the two
flows that were the lifeblood of Coatbridge throughout the 19th Century
namely the molten iron of heavy industry, and the canals that took the end
product to market. The council were delighted with the finished artwork.

The graphic tiles used in this process are perfect for outside use as they have many fantastic qualities that make them fit for this purpose including graffiti, fade and frost resistance.

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