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Irvine Sports Club Legacy Banners

6274 have been commissioned by North Ayrshire Council to design all of the promotional materials celebrate the Queens Baton Relay traveling through North Ayrshire this July. The first of this project to be installed was the Irvine Sports Club’s banners. Following on from the #NA2014 branding we designed a series of vinyl and lamppost banners […]

Irvine Town Centre Hoarding

6274 are working for North Ayrshire Council to produce a 250m Hoardings design around Irvine’s new Leisure Centre and Town House. Our approach with all public art projects is to listen to a community, or client, and from that create ideas that are unique to that location. As the whole project with the town centre […]

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Greenwood Conference Centre

North Ayrshire Council wanted the rooms within their newly refurbished Greenwood Conference Centre to take on a clear and memorable identity. All the secondary schools in the region were approached to nominate a famous Scot via debates and presentations. 6274 then spent time in each of the seven schools, brain storming and workshopping with the […]