Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality  РThe Possibilities for Use in Public Art

We first came across the idea of augmented reality from one of our tile suppliers and since then have been blown away with the endless possibilities of using it in our future work.

The idea that one of our underpasses or murals could come alive using smart phones or ipads could really give future projects that added wow factor.

The downloadable AR app will recognise trigger points within an image or graphic, a bit like a barcode,  that will allow the Augmented Reality, Video, or animation to come alive on screen.

Using this at some point within a completed project could allow the passers by to link to a video of what was involved in the projects, make certain images move and come alive or even interact with the mural by touching the screen on your phone to move around characters.

Have a look at the above images from AR gurus Zappar to get a demonstration of what Augment reality could do for your next public art or signage project.

We’d be delighted to discuss your thoughts.