Dress Up for Dalry Photo Shoot

Are you up for dressing up, and becoming part of a fun new artwork?
The plan is to feature Dalry pub patrons through the ages, in the various windows and doors that are currently boarded up on the
former Club Bar.
If you are, come along to the photo shoot on Monday 20th February from 6pm to 9pm at the Turf Inn in Courthill Street.
Complimentary buffet for participants.
Come dressed up in one of the following eras:
•1900s e.g. a brick worker / laborer, or perhaps the tweed clad
country set from the Blair Estate
•1920s elegant and chic fl apper girls
•1940’s home coming soldiers and their sweethearts,
•Swinging 60s, did long hair and beads reach Dalry?
•Allys Army for the 1978 World Cup
This is your chance to be immortalised, and seen by thousands of motorists sitting at the lights.
Please contact info@livingdalry.com to tell us what you’ll be dressing as.