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Olympic Dreams

This great summer of sporting action, reminded us of a project we were involved in a few years ago.

Just before the Olympics, I spotted a story about 1948 swimming bronze medalist Catherine Gibson. We had featured Catherine in a mural we did in Motherwell back in 2008, having produced a painting of her, from a photo in a local history book. Thanks to The Times article, we found out that Cathy was very much alive and well and living in Dunfermline. We managed to get in touch and a couple of weeks ago were able to present her with the original painting that we produced as part of the public art project.

We were delighted to celebrate her 1948 success one again.

Click here for the full newspaper article.






A Great New Way to Fund Your Next Project!

Calling all community groups!

Have you ever had a great idea to improve your community but couldn’t get the funding for it?

Get yourself in touch with Spacehive.

They are the world first crowd funding platform for neighbourhood improvement projects.

This can be anything from funding a new community centre, to improving the public realm, public art or any other project that will improve your community.

It’s brand new, easy to get started and could change the way community initiatives are funded forever.

Just follow these simple steps

  1. Create a project page. It takes no time at all.
  2. Use the website to attract supporters and develop your project.
  3. When your project is fully-developed, submit it to Spacehive for verification.
  4. Once verified you can start fundraising.
  5. If you hit your funding goal your project collects the money!

Find our more information on Spacehive’s  fantastic website.

The team at 6274 would be delighted to hear your thoughts and of course would be delighted to get involved on any public art community projects anywhere in the UK.

0844 257 6274



Jim Powers – Mosaic Man

We came across this fabulous film while searching for similar tiled mural projects to the ones 6274 produce.

Jim Powers aka the Mosaic Man has been transforming the Lower East Side of Manhattan with mosaics, one lamppost at a time since the early 80s.

Around fifty of his mural lamp posts were destroyed by the Giuliani administration to “tidy up” the NYC street scape. Many of the murals were saved through public response and out cry.

Now Jim spends his days building up his murals again one day at a time.

What a great public art Story.

What do you think?

Jim you can have a job with 6274 Public Art any time!

New Sculpture Commission Wanted for Port Glasgow

6274 Public Art have been working closely with Riverside Inverclyde for many years. There is now a fantastic opportunity for an artist or arts organisation to produce a new artwork or sculpture installation at a prominent location in Port Glasgow.

Below is the brief and link to the Pre Qualification Questionnaire.

Best of luck to everyone who applies.

Riverside Inverclyde and Inverclyde Council are inviting interest from Sculptors for the commission of an appropriate artwork feature to be located at the western entrance to Port Glasgow with complementary feature lighting and landscaping. The successful Sculptor will have the opportunity to deliver a feature with a budget of between £50,000 and £100,000 and be part of a wider team.

Until recently the main coastal road linking Port Glasgow, Greenock and Gourock failed to identify the beginning and end of each settlement with the result that the built development appeared continuous and one township blended into the next and individual identities were lost. Town Centre Regeneration Fund works have been carried out to make the entrances to each town much more obvious and appealing. Greenock has a new landscaped public realm at both the Cathcart Street (eastern), entrance and at the West Blackhall Street western portal. Gourock has an upgraded “pocket park” and sculpture at Kempock Street. The A8 entrance into Port Glasgow on the eastern side was very unprepossessing and this access to the town could have been easily missed by those unfamiliar with the local geography. This has now radically changed with the introduction of a backlit Port Glasgow sign, a modern landscaping scheme and an inspirational six metre high ship’s hull sculpture “Endeavour”, which stands on a metre high granite plinth with associated feature lighting.
The western entrance to the town has no such distinguishing features or sense of arrival. There is currently only a bland flat-topped roundabout, and plain grass verges with no landscaping. The Port Glasgow sign is a small statutory roads department signpost. It has been agreed therefore that the western entrance should also be upgraded so that, both eastern and western entrances are provided with appropriate distinguishing features which leaves the visitor in no doubt that these areas mark the entrances to the town.
It is important that the visual arrestment produced along with the Port Glasgow information signage is in some way representative of the town’s proud history, presents Port Glasgow in a positive, forward looking light, is appropriate to the roadside location and statutory services present, is acceptable to Transport Scotland, Inverclyde Planning and Building Control and has the involvement, engagement and cooperation of the community in its production.
This then provides a challenge to the selected artist, architect, landscape architect, sculptor and lighting designer to interpret the brief and produce a convincing proposal which has the full endorsement of all the above. For this reason it is important to establish a platform whereby a range of proposals can be brought forward for consideration, assessment and approval. Please note that pre-qualification for this opportunity will be required followed by a formal tender and public consultation process.
For more information about this commission and to obtain a copy of the brief and/or to register your interest in the pre-qualification process, please contact Riverside Inverclyde directly following this link

Shop On The Prom – Portobello

6274 Public Art have had the pleasure of working with the local traders of Portobello Main Street on a fantastic City of Edinburgh Council lead Shop on the Prom project.

The final shots were reworked, designed and printed onto nearly 50 metres of graphic mesh along the promenade in time for the Keep Scotland Beautiful Beach Award ceremony on Wednesday 30th May.

A massive thank you to everyone involved. We’ve attached a few sneak pictures before the big day.

Portobello promenade site below

Follow the full story on Twitter using #shopontheprom

A full case study will follow in the next few weeks.


Dress Up for Dalry Photo Shoot

Are you up for dressing up, and becoming part of a fun new artwork?
The plan is to feature Dalry pub patrons through the ages, in the various windows and doors that are currently boarded up on the
former Club Bar.
If you are, come along to the photo shoot on Monday 20th February from 6pm to 9pm at the Turf Inn in Courthill Street.
Complimentary buffet for participants.
Come dressed up in one of the following eras:
•1900s e.g. a brick worker / laborer, or perhaps the tweed clad
country set from the Blair Estate
•1920s elegant and chic fl apper girls
•1940’s home coming soldiers and their sweethearts,
•Swinging 60s, did long hair and beads reach Dalry?
•Allys Army for the 1978 World Cup
This is your chance to be immortalised, and seen by thousands of motorists sitting at the lights.
Please contact to tell us what you’ll be dressing as.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality  – The Possibilities for Use in Public Art

We first came across the idea of augmented reality from one of our tile suppliers and since then have been blown away with the endless possibilities of using it in our future work.

The idea that one of our underpasses or murals could come alive using smart phones or ipads could really give future projects that added wow factor.

The downloadable AR app will recognise trigger points within an image or graphic, a bit like a barcode,  that will allow the Augmented Reality, Video, or animation to come alive on screen.

Using this at some point within a completed project could allow the passers by to link to a video of what was involved in the projects, make certain images move and come alive or even interact with the mural by touching the screen on your phone to move around characters.

Have a look at the above images from AR gurus Zappar to get a demonstration of what Augment reality could do for your next public art or signage project.

We’d be delighted to discuss your thoughts.