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Irvine Sports Club Legacy Banners.

6274 have been commissioned by North Ayrshire Council to design all of the promotional materials celebrate the Queens Baton Relay traveling through North Ayrshire this July.

The first of this project to be installed was the Irvine Sports Club’s banners.

Following on from the #NA2014 branding we designed a series of vinyl and lamppost banners for the grounds of the Sports Club. For the lamppost banners we have used a Lightweight Mesh Vinyl printed full colour.

We had to work within a very tight deadline of just 4 days for design, print and install on site.

Irvine Town Centre Hoarding

6274 are working for North Ayrshire Council to produce a 250m Hoardings design around Irvine’s new Leisure Centre and Town House.

Our approach with all public art projects is to listen to a community, or client, and from that create ideas that are unique to that location. As the whole project with the town centre development is for them, we want the local community to feel connected to the artwork.

Stage one is split in to sections. There is a celebration of Robert Burns connection with Irvine, panoramas of Irvine taken Bruce Macaulay and detail shots of the town used in a collage.


A highly visible, public project in the heart of Irvine. The traditional hoardings were being erected around the current site for a new leisure centre. It was agreed that the hoardings would be an ideal opportunity to share some of the special aspects of the town, the local community and its culture. 6274 took on the challenge and have worked across community groups, schools, art classes and with key individuals to develop a series of decorative panels to cover the length of the hoardings.

The joy of working with 6274 has been their ability to deliver the whole package needed for such a project. From community consultation, photography, hours of research on the area, sourcing images and quotes and then of course the actual stunning designs for the different themes. An amazing piece of work that has been coordinated by the team at 6274 with fabulous results. What a pleasure it has been to know it’s in safe hands and being not only well designed but investigated, consulted on and delivered by such a motivated team with meticulous attention to detail. Nothing is ever too big a problem and no one has ever made any of us feel like we are inconveniencing them when we asked for more things or to alter parts of the process  – even when we know we were!

Lesley Forsyth, Cultural Development Manager, Education and Skills,  North Ayrshire Council



Greenwood Conference Centre

Andy Murray

North Ayrshire Council wanted the rooms within their newly refurbished Greenwood Conference Centre to take on a clear and memorable identity.

All the secondary schools in the region were approached to nominate a famous Scot via debates and presentations.

6274 then spent time in each of the seven schools, brain storming and workshopping with the pupils to turn the names into visual concepts.

The end result was a series of innovative signs surrounding the various doors, printed directly onto cut pieces of brushed metal. This created an effect in keeping with the decor and colour palette of the centre.



During the development and refurbishment of the councils training centre there was always a plan to ensure that the signage and additional decorative items were bespoke and creative to tie in with the themes of the learning centre. The different training rooms were to be named after Scots who were an inspiration. A debating competition was held in the local schools and each school adopted their own hero to champion. 6274 worked with the children in the local schools to develop a series of graphic images that depicted the life and work of the different people. The end result was a series of plaques that surrounded the doors of the rooms and which give a stunning image to each of the entrances. This was augmented by the creation of a bespoke piece of art work and clock for the reception area, matching signage for the different areas of the building and finishing touches of decoration on the windows all tied in together to give the final stunning overall look to the building.

Again the challenges were many from carrying out the workshops to the final installation in a busy building, 6274 worked around each challenge and have delivered a beautiful series of pieces of art work dotted throughout the building. It has lifted the building from a corporate, clinical environment to place for creative thinking and inspiration learning.

Lesley Forsyth, Cultural Development Manager, Education and Skills,  North Ayrshire Council