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New Sculpture Commission Wanted for Port Glasgow

6274 Public Art have been working closely with Riverside Inverclyde for many years. There is now a fantastic opportunity for an artist or arts organisation to produce a new artwork or sculpture installation at a prominent location in Port Glasgow.

Below is the brief and link to the Pre Qualification Questionnaire.

Best of luck to everyone who applies.

Riverside Inverclyde and Inverclyde Council are inviting interest from Sculptors for the commission of an appropriate artwork feature to be located at the western entrance to Port Glasgow with complementary feature lighting and landscaping. The successful Sculptor will have the opportunity to deliver a feature with a budget of between £50,000 and £100,000 and be part of a wider team.

Until recently the main coastal road linking Port Glasgow, Greenock and Gourock failed to identify the beginning and end of each settlement with the result that the built development appeared continuous and one township blended into the next and individual identities were lost. Town Centre Regeneration Fund works have been carried out to make the entrances to each town much more obvious and appealing. Greenock has a new landscaped public realm at both the Cathcart Street (eastern), entrance and at the West Blackhall Street western portal. Gourock has an upgraded “pocket park” and sculpture at Kempock Street. The A8 entrance into Port Glasgow on the eastern side was very unprepossessing and this access to the town could have been easily missed by those unfamiliar with the local geography. This has now radically changed with the introduction of a backlit Port Glasgow sign, a modern landscaping scheme and an inspirational six metre high ship’s hull sculpture “Endeavour”, which stands on a metre high granite plinth with associated feature lighting.
The western entrance to the town has no such distinguishing features or sense of arrival. There is currently only a bland flat-topped roundabout, and plain grass verges with no landscaping. The Port Glasgow sign is a small statutory roads department signpost. It has been agreed therefore that the western entrance should also be upgraded so that, both eastern and western entrances are provided with appropriate distinguishing features which leaves the visitor in no doubt that these areas mark the entrances to the town.
It is important that the visual arrestment produced along with the Port Glasgow information signage is in some way representative of the town’s proud history, presents Port Glasgow in a positive, forward looking light, is appropriate to the roadside location and statutory services present, is acceptable to Transport Scotland, Inverclyde Planning and Building Control and has the involvement, engagement and cooperation of the community in its production.
This then provides a challenge to the selected artist, architect, landscape architect, sculptor and lighting designer to interpret the brief and produce a convincing proposal which has the full endorsement of all the above. For this reason it is important to establish a platform whereby a range of proposals can be brought forward for consideration, assessment and approval. Please note that pre-qualification for this opportunity will be required followed by a formal tender and public consultation process.
For more information about this commission and to obtain a copy of the brief and/or to register your interest in the pre-qualification process, please contact Riverside Inverclyde directly following this link http://www.riversideinverclyde.com/town-centres/236/